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Understanding the pivotal role of adults in early childhood development is paramount.

At Roots Federation, we believe that nurturing the growth of young minds is a collective responsibility. Our "Role of the Adult" training package ensures that all practitioners understand the research behind successful pedagogical approaches equipping practitioners with the essential tools and insights to provide exceptional care and education to every child. The early years lay the foundation for a child's future. By fully understanding what high-quality interactions look like, and the impact that these interactions have on children’s outcomes, practitioners can provide bespoke support for children’s individual needs. The training  develops a deeper understanding of child development, ensuring that practitioners can create the rich, exciting and responsive environments where children thrive. Our training programme ensures that practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfil this crucial role effectively.

What the Training Will Include:

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What the Training Will Include:

Valuing All Children:

Valuing All Children: Embracing inclusivity and diversity, this module provides strategies for creating an environment where every child feels respected and valued. From challenging stereotypes to promoting awareness of differences, practitioners gain practical insights into fostering an inclusive setting.

Supporting Every Child:

This module will support with ensuring that practitioners are equipped to meet the diverse needs of all children in their care. From making small adaptations to providing bespoke, targeted support for identified children, practitioners learn to create inclusive learning experiences for all.

Child Development:

Delving into the core principles of child development, this module equips practitioners with a deeper understanding of the stages of development, the rationale behind the pedagogical approaches that can be taken and the factors that influence learning. By recognising and responding to children's developmental needs, practitioners can ensure that they are ambitious for all learners.

Facilitating Learning:

This module explores the teaching in early childhood settings, emphasising the importance of a responsive, child-centred approach. From creating engaging learning environments to assessing children's progress and responding accordingly, practitioners gain the skills and confidence to facilitate meaningful learning experiences.

Do these familiar? 

Are your staff questioning how to manage the balance between adult-led input and skilful play based learning? Staff often find themselves grappling with this dilemma, feeling the need to be delivering direct teaching, when research informs us that children’s deepest learning happens through high-quality learning experiences. This training explores the crucial and varied role adults play in supporting children’s play, emphasising the importance of recognising and valuing play as a precious vehicle for dep learning. From making thinking explicit to developing communication skills and creating the right environment for play, we delve into practical strategies to enrich children's play experiences whilst nurturing their development. Book today to train your team about the complexities of supporting children’s play and delivering meaningful learning experiences.

At Roots Federation, we believe that investing in the professional development of practitioners is key to unlocking the potential of every child. Our "Role of the Adult" training package equips practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create nurturing and inclusive environments where every child can thrive. Contact us today to learn more about how our training programmes can benefit your setting.

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