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Join The Federation

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Who Can Join the Roots Federation?

To deliver quality education within budget constraints, schools need leaders who can make tough decisions. When this leadership is missing, we invite schools to join Roots.

We also invite schools to join us if you:

  • Don’t or won’t have enough funding to continue running

  • Are in special measures, or at risk of closure

  • Have lost a headteacher and cannot find a replacement

To find out whether joining Roots is right for you, get in touch


What Happens When You Join?

The nurseries in our federation all have aligned autonomy. This means they share fundamental leadership and structure, and have the freedom to adapt things to their communities.

When you join, you’ll take on our adept leadership team and their ambitious vision. We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your resources, consolidate your finances and make effective use of your practitioners’ time. We also share our curriculum, values, governance and safeguarding policies with you.

Throughout these changes, you’ll keep your setting’s identity and autonomy. You’ll have a lead teacher and a local governing board who make decisions about wrap-around care, uniform, extracurricular and how to meet your cohort’s needs.

Why Settings should join us...

We make tough resourcing decisions that keep your setting financial sustainable long into the future

Our leadership know how to deliver exceptional early years education on shoestring budgets

Get input, expertise and support from our diverse mix of staff, governors and leaders

Our curriculum is stimulating, teaches critical skills, and meets the government's EYFS framework

We’ll collaborate and share best practice with you, helping you make decisions that best serve your children

With higher job satisfaction and access to opportunities across the Roots, you’ll retain more top talent

How Joining Helps Your Practitioners

Staff get access to job opportunities across the Federation, so they can grow without having to move

As part of the Federation, you’ll have the time, money and expertise to help your staff develop

With a renewed, ambitious curriculum and stimulating learning environments, practitioners will enjoy their day-to-day much more

With better resourcing, quality training and plenty of CPD, staff will feel challenged, supported and fulfilled

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