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Inclusion Statement

Roots Federation delivers exceptional education to all children, whatever their race, religion, abilities and needs.

We have a commitment to welcoming all children into our inclusive provision. We believe that ‘all staff are teachers of pupils with SEND’ and offer highly skilled staff with extensive experience of working with children with SEND. Under the direction of our experienced SENDCo, and with the day to day support of our familiar adults, our staff provide the following:

  • Support with early identification of individual needs.

  • Timely referrals to external professionals.

  • Bespoke resources to support children (such as choosing boards now and next charts and PECS resources).

  • Target focused provision and regular opportunities to review achievement.

  • Adaptations and reasonable adjustments made to ensure access to an ambitious curriculum.

The setting utilizes signing to support communication. Training is provided on delivering interventions such as bucket time and strategies for communication such as picture card exchange.

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