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With our bespoke training packages, your practitioners become educational experts, exceed statutory requirements, and help every child in your care reach their full potential.

How it works


Through an initial consultation, we find the areas where your settings need support then create a bespoke training plan.


We visit your setting and deliver training to small groups. There’s plenty of time for questions and interaction, so practitioners can cement their learning.

Practical Advice

Our team are all experts in their field and up to date with the latest educational research. We all work in early years, and give your staff strategies that have worked time and again in our settings.

See It in Action

Come and visit our schools, so you can see what our training looks like in action.


Our Training Packages

Outdoor Provision

What’s Included

  • Practical strategies to create engaging outdoor spaces, with easy to source resources, all within your budget.

  • Ideas to embrace the outdoors (rather than bringing the indoors outside!)

  • Ways to ensure children get as many rich outdoor interactions as possible.

The Benefits

Children thrive when they have stimulating and fun environments to explore, both indoors and outdoors. You’ll also impress prospective parents, who’ll have a keen eye on your outdoor space.

The Learning Environment As the Third Teacher


What’s Included

  • Examples and ideas of room set ups that inspire curiosity, and enhance children’s wellbeing.

  • Guidance on ensuring the learning environment meets the needs and abilities of your children and challenges all.

  • Practical, time efficient ways to enhance learning environments.


The Benefits

Give your children joyful, engaging environments which match their needs and abilities, and effortlessly support their development. Plus, show your staff how to create these spaces time effectively.

The Expert Adult


What’s Included

  • Guidance on the skills and knowledges adults in EYFS settings need to meet statutory requirements.

  • Suggestions about how deploy your staff in a cost and time effective way across your setting.

  • Resources to help you review staff-child interactions, so they’re as constructive as possible.

  • Tools that will help staff make the most of every teaching opportunity.

  • Guidance on constructive adult-adult interaction, with examples.

The Benefits

When your staff know how to observe, learn from and teach one another, they all become better educators. They'll feel supported and confident giving your children an exceptional education, and your setting will shine in formal inspection.

Early Reading


What’s Included

  • Research-backed ways to engage and collaborate with parents as you build children’s reading skills.

  • Suggestions for the best resources to develop early reading skills.

  • Guidance on how to embed opportunities to read across your setting.

The Benefits

Practitioners will learn how to teach the skills that every early reader needs so they’re equipped to engage in the rest of their education with ease.

What’s Included

  • Research-backed ways of engaging and collaborating with parents in building children’s maths skills.

  • Guidance on how to embed mathematical learning across your setting (both inside and out!)

  • Advice on how to view mathematics more holistically - not just number, but space, time, sequence, pattern and more!

The Benefits

You’ll help children develop the maths skills that are critical to thriving in school, further education and the wider world.

Early Maths

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"Hayley -yet again, another wonderful training session! Thank you so much. I have received great feedback from the staff who all really enjoyed it and found it very valuable. You're so knowledgeable and inspirational (and very funny with it which always makes it more fun!) Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!"

Kerry McLaren

Early Years Leader


Elmtree Infant and Nursery School

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