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Supporting Children's Behaviours
Laying the foundation for lifelong learning and well-being.

Research consistently shows that early childhood experiences significantly impact future outcomes, influencing educational achievements, career paths, and overall health. By understanding that all behaviour is communication and listening carefully to what young children are telling us we can understand the context of undesirable behaviours. This will allow us to begin to teach the prosocial behaviours that will support children in reaching their full potential and leading happy, healthy lives.

At Roots Federation, we are dedicated to supporting educational providers in navigating the complexities of early childhood behaviour. Our training package on "Understanding and Supporting Behaviour in the Early Years" is designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively understand developmental stages, manage behaviour issues and deliver positive development in young children. By investing in our training package, educational providers gain access to comprehensive guidance on supporting children’s behaviour. From understanding the reasons for children's behaviour to identifying triggers, such as trauma, and implementing strategies, our course covers a wide range of tools essential for promoting prosocial behaviour in early years settings.

What the Training Will Include:

Our training will include comprehensive guidance on addressing a wide range of behaviours commonly encountered in early years settings. Participants will receive expert advice on understanding and defining behaviour, exploring the various influences on children's behaviour such as their level of development, early experiences, and relationships. We will delve into the significance of secure attachments, emotional intelligence, and community influnces, including strategies for supporting children with special educational needs. Our course will provide practical strategies for teaching prosocial behaviours including rationales for the use of rewards and sanctions. We will cover strategies for managing persistent and challenging behaviours such as biting, sexualized behaviours, swearing, and physical aggression, while also addressing issues related to physical intervention, reasonable force, and the associated risks. Intervention procedures will be discussed in detail, including what to record to ensure effective documentation and follow-up.

Are staff struggling to understand children's behaviours, reacting inappropriately, or feeling intimidated by certain behaviours? Our training provides a comprehensive solution. From defining behaviours to addressing challenges we equip your team with practical strategies and expert guidance. Whether it's managing triggers, implementing early interventions, or navigating parental concerns, our training package empowers practitioners to create a supportive environment where every child can thrive.

At Roots Federation, we recognise the importance of understanding children's behaviours in creating environments where every child can flourish. Our "Understanding Behaviours" training package is tailored to provide practitioners with the insights, skills, and confidence needed to effectively interpret and address various behaviours. Contact us today to explore how our training programs can enhance your setting's ability to support children's development.  Contact us today to learn more about how our training programmes can benefit your setting.

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