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The Strengths Of Our Curriculum

Designed to, not only comply, but provide an enriching ambitious learning experience in line with the statutory EYFS framework, our curriculum guarantees high quality education and safety in every early years setting. It teaches children the academic, emotional and physical skills critical to their development, setting them up to thrive through their school years and beyond.

Success in School and Beyond

Our curriculum helps children achieve key early milestones, so they attain better academic outcomes. Allowing them to transition into adulthood with the appropriate learning behaviours and characteristics to achieve.

Skilled and Supported Staff

Staff wellbeing is the bedrock of a thriving early years setting. We ensure all staff feel supported, nurtured and respected, so they can deliver our curriculum to the highest standard.

Stimulated, Social Children

We teach children personal skills so they build relationships and lead rich and meaningful lives. The curriculum is built on children’s interests, so they find learning engaging, challenging and fun.

Skill Based Approach 

Our curriculum is developed to teach the children core skills to attain our curriculum intent. The children are taught skills sequentially to develop their independence and resilience and ensure they are well prepared for the next phase of their education.

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Our Guarantees 

Adult Role and Play

We combine adult led sessions with play based consolidation, giving children the time to practice and consolidate taught skills.

Parental Collaboration

The home is the biggest influence on children’s early development. We make collaboration with parents a priority, so they can support learning at home.

SEN Support

Spotting and supporting special educational needs early can make a huge difference to a child’s future. Our qualified team knows how to adapt the curriculum so it's accessible to everyone.

Aligned Autonomy

Each of our schools has the freedom to adapt our skills based, highly ambitious curriculum to the needs of their community

to find out more about how our curriculum can transform your children’s lives, get in touch.
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