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Empowering Literacy: Consultancy to improve your Early Years Literacy offer

At Roots Federation we know that laying strong foundations in literacy can prove to be the springboard for progress across the curriculum in every phase. Our bespoke consultancy is designed to work in collaboration with your leaders to identify and address school's specific priorities, create development plans with clear, achievable, objectives and provide practical strategies that will empower staff teams. Our services support leaders at all levels with the ultimate goal; to raise attainment in literacy.

What We Offer:

  • Initial review of the quality of education to identify strengths and challenges.

  • Collaboration to create development plans, and ways to share these with stakeholders (governors, parents, the wider staff team)

  • Audit of resources to identify gaps in the physical offer with a view to raising levels of engagement.

  • Joint learning walks, with a focus on literacy provision, to upskill leaders.

  • Research based staff meetings to equip your teams with the rationale for pedagogical approaches.

  • Review of Parental Engagement: Strategies to engage parents in their child’s literacy journey.

  • Come and see! Visits to our schools in action to observe the strategies we discuss in action!

Why Choose Our Consultancy?

Choosing our consultancy means investing in a partnership that values educational excellence and is committed to enhancing literacy outcomes. Our support extends beyond simple recommendations; we engage in detailed planning, implementation, and ongoing evaluation to ensure sustainable improvements.

Results for Your Setting

Schools that have partnered with us have seen marked improvements in the quality of education. They have reported a greater confidence in their staff teams and stronger engagement from the school community.

Get in Touch 

To learn more about how we can work with your school or to inquire about our consultancy rates, please contact us. Our team is ready to develop a personalised plan that aligns with your school's priorities and sets the stage for children to thrive in all curriculum areas.

Empower your staff team and ensure that your children receive the best input today for a  brighter education tomorrow.

“As a head teacher, witnessing the transformative impact Roots Federation consultancy has had on our setting especially those families with SEND children, fills me with pride. One parent, in particular, shared with me how the training our team had undergone had enhanced the dedication to inclusivity made a profound difference in their experience. Their assistance in helping us & families navigating the EHCP process has been invaluable, and their consultancy has helped us build a community among parents of SEND children that have created a sense of belonging and support. It's heartening to see our leadership team's commitment to inclusivity and support being felt and appreciated by the families we serve.”

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your school or organisation. Together, let's work towards a to achieve education excellence in Education

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