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Supporting SEND Learners: Supporting SEND Learners: Comprehensive Consultancy Services at Roots Federation

In the intricate landscape of educational support, the necessity for a comprehensive, inclusive approach to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) is paramount. Roots Federation proudly introduces our 'Supporting SEND Learners' consultancy package, crafted to assist mainstream educational settings in enhancing their SEND provision and ensuring adults are confident to support within the classroom and beyond. With a team of seasoned experts, who bring a rich tapestry of experience from their roles as former SENCOs and senior educational leaders, we stand ready to elevate your SEND support to new heights. Our consultancy offers a deep dive into the best practises of effective SEND provision. We work hand-in-hand with school leaders and SENCOs, delivering a partnership that cultivates a thriving, inclusive educational environment across all phases, from Early Years through to secondary education.

Strategic SEND Policy and Provision Evaluation:

Collaborating with school leaders and SENCOs to introspectively assess and enhance SEND policy and provision, ensuring a strategic, whole-school approach to inclusivity. Reviewing whether provision is excluding all children or including all children.

Empowering SENCOs and Educators:

Guiding SENCOs in navigating their comprehensive responsibilities and statutory duties with confidence, and aiding educators in adapting the curriculum to meet the diverse needs of learners with SEND, thereby promoting high-quality teaching and learning experiences.

Bespoke Consultancy Activities:

Delving into all facets of SEND provision, our consultancy is customised to address your specific challenges and objectives, ensuring a service that’s as unique as the learners you support. This could include learning walks, sensory checklists or joint observations that have a focus on improving inclusion for all children.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning:

Offering targeted training for educators, teaching assistants, and governors on all aspects of SEND, aimed at fostering more inclusive classrooms and engaged learners.

Support Beyond the Classroom:

Our consultancy extends to include support on curriculum and pedagogy, as well as integrating technology and data management to bolster SEND provision.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us:

Elevate Staff Knowledge and Confidence: Working with our experts will significantly enhance your team’s understanding, skills, and confidence in supporting learners with SEND within the classroom and with additional adults.

Quality of Teaching and Learning: By developing a more inclusive classroom, we aim to improve the quality of teaching, resulting in more engaged learners and improved outcomes.

Robust Systems and Leadership: Develop effective school systems and leadership ensuring early identification of needs and well-matched provision, leading to improved outcomes for learners with SEND. Ensuring that all staff understand their role in supporting children, not managing children.

Effective use of Funding: Strategic decisions about supporting children with SEND without having to fund 1-1 support all the time. Identifying the right equipment to support all children and meet the needs of children with SEND.

Transform Your SEND Provision Today

“As a head teacher, witnessing the transformative impact Roots Federation consultancy has had on our setting especially those families with SEND children, fills me with pride. One parent, in particular, shared with me how the training our team had undergone had enhanced the dedication to inclusivity made a profound difference in their experience. Their assistance in helping us & families navigating the EHCP process has been invaluable, and their consultancy has helped us build a community among parents of SEND children that have created a sense of belonging and support. It's heartening to see our leadership team's commitment to inclusivity and support being felt and appreciated by the families we serve.”

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