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Learning Environment 

Setting up a pertinent learning environment for your current cohort: At Roots Federation, we understand that creating a high-quality Early Years learning environment is crucial for children's development and to support the adults to aid learning. Our service is designed to support educational settings in building an environment that delivers exploration, learning, and development.

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By participating in our Learning Environment Service, your setting will benefit in several ways. Firstly, you'll gain insights into how to create a learning environment that meets the requirements of the EYFS and promotes the Characteristics of Effective Learning. Additionally, you'll learn strategies for resource organisation and management, ensuring that resources are accessible and conducive to independent exploration. As a result, your setting will see improved engagement, increased confidence, and enhanced learning outcomes for children.


We understand that educational providers often face challenges in creating and maintaining a purposeful learning environment. We know firsthand the struggles of creating environments that truly meet children's needs and do not take hours of staff time. Whether it's finding ways to incorporate movement and action into the daily routine or ensuring resources are accessible to all children, we understand the challenges you face. That's why our training is specifically designed to provide practical solutions and expert guidance tailored to your setting's unique needs. At Roots we're dedicated to supporting educational settings in creating nurturing and stimulating learning environments.

Ready to transform your learning environment? Contact us today to learn more about this service and schedule a training session for your staff. Together, let's create a space where every child can thrive and succeed and staff can focus on the things that matter the most.

Do these familiar? 

Are your teams constantly grappling with challenges like cramped classrooms, tight budgets for outdoor activities, and limited time for setup. Queries like "My classroom is too small," "outdoors nursery on a budget," and "no time for staff to set up" frequently echo through the halls. Moreover, concerns about children's play skills and the perennial struggle of "we got no money for new resources" further compound the situation. Additionally, the constant cycle of broken equipment and the inability to afford a covered area leave staff feeling overwhelmed. At Roots Federation, we understand the importance of addressing these challenges to ensure that every child receives the quality care and learning environment they deserve.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your school or organisation. Together, let's work towards a to achieve education excellence in Education

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