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SEND in Early Years Training: Supporting Smooth Transitions for Every Child

At Roots Federation, we're deeply committed to building an educational landscape where every child, particularly those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), feels valued, understood, and supported. Adaptions are at the heart of our Federations, always identifying success for all. Our SEND in Early Years training package is meticulously designed to empower educational professionals with the knowledge and confidence they need to facilitate positive, impactful interactions and provisions. It puts the challenges we are facing at the centre, identifying strategies and support to aid staff, parents and importantly children.

What the Training Will Include:

This training is centred around increasing practitioners' awareness of the diverse needs of children, with a special emphasis on those with SEND and how to ensure that provision facilitates their learning inclusively. It also reflects on the use of adults and their understanding in supporting learning and adapting learning, thinking about what it looks like for the majority of children compared to all others. Identifying strategies to review how a day at school/Nursery looks like for children of all abilities and those with identified needs before thinking about what could change for them. In addition to identifying transition suggestions to guide staff and children. It's crafted to bolster confidence of staff in supporting these children with SEND. What is good practice for one will always support another.

What we deliver

At Roots Federation, we believe that investing in the professional development of practitioners is key to unlocking the potential of every child. Our "SEND in Early Years" training package equips practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create nurturing and inclusive environments where every child can thrive. Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of children with SEND? Do you want to ensure that every child in your setting receives the support and understanding they need to thrive in their educational journey? Navigating the complexities of supporting children with Special Educational Needs Disabilities (SEND) in early years settings presents a unique set of challenges. Many educators grapple with limited resources, funding and training, making it difficult to provide the tailored support these children require. There's often a struggle to create truly inclusive environments that not only accommodate but celebrate diversity in learning styles and needs. Furthermore, the transition processes for children with SEND moving to primary school can be fraught with anxiety and uncertainty for both children and practitioners. Our training recognises this and our SEND in Early Years training addresses these crucial areas, equipping educators with the strategies, understanding, and confidence needed to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.

Contact The Roots Federation today to learn more about our SEND in Early Years training package. Together, we can create a more inclusive, supportive, and understanding early education environment for all children.

"Roots Federation shines in its commitment to inclusivity, especially for children with SEN. The staff's dedication to go above and beyond in creating equal opportunities for every child is remarkable. Their approach to inclusivity isn't just policy; it's their passion, making it a place where differences are celebrated and every child is empowered to thrive"

Alma's Parents - Muriel Green Nursery School

Roots Federation are proud to have been awarded the Childcare Services Award from Business Award UK. 

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