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Key Areas of Learning

Communication and Language

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Effective communication and language skills are pivotal cornerstones in a child's holistic development. The capacity to communicate serves as the bedrock for progress across all areas of the curriculum and extends beyond. Our dedicated staff introduce and encourage the use of ambitious vocabulary, both verbally and through signing. Through a meticulously planned and research-based approach, our children make strong progress from their given starting points. We actively engage parents in by sharing information, informing them of vocabulary being taught and providing resources that can be used in the home. With our ambitious curriculum and a team of adept practitioners, we ensure that every child leaves us with the ability to communicate confidently.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


Personal, Social, and Emotional Development is essential in guiding children towards cultivating a positive self-image, fostering meaningful relationships, and acquiring the skills to navigate their emotions and behaviour. The established key person system in our schools enables our children to develop strong attachments, creating a foundation that allows them to grow with confidence and resilience.  Our staff employ a range of strategies developed from research-based pedagogy, such as the Zones of Regulation to help children understand and control their emotions. Furthermore, we empower them to self-regulate and independently resolve conflicts, fostering the development of crucial life skills. This involves instilling essential skills that serve as the bedrock for a positive self-concept throughout their lives.

Physical Development


Active engagement in physical activities is integral to the holistic development and well-being of children. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to nurture the development of both fine and gross motor control fundamental for lifelong skills. Through providing a range of activities, tools and real life resources our children develop the adept use of tools, including those indispensable for fluent writing. Our physical activities outdoors foster spatial awareness, core strength, agility, and coordination. Children learn how to keep themselves safe and happy and understand the importance of staying active for both mental and physical health benefits. Our expert staff sensitively support the development of  independence with personal hygiene laying the essential foundations for enduring and healthy lives.

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Specific Areas of Learning


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Flourishing in literacy is at the core of educational success in all phases of education. Our dedicated staff receive regular training to ensure they are highly skilled in the promotion of early reading and writing. They meticulously plan opportunities and seize teachable moments to instil the joy of reading. In our pursuit of nurturing a lifelong love for reading, we provide a wealth of resources to both children and parents. Books, stories, songs, and expert guidance are provided to create an environment where high value is placed on the importance of cultivating the written and spoken word. We use ‘Talk for Writing’ to support the understanding of story structure and to rehearse the skill of storytelling and have mapped out the development of gross and fine motor control. As a result our children leave with a secure understanding of story language, able to retell stories and with growing control over their mark making.


Our schools provide children with a strong foundation in mathematics, fostering key skills such as sorting, classifying, subitising, and pattern recognition. A firm grasp of numbers, patterns, and concepts related to shape, space, and measure is not only crucial for academic achievement but also for lifelong success. Our curriculum is designed to be both ambitious and captivating, equipping our children with mathematical knowledge alongside developing mathematical language and a genuine curiosity for problem solving. This comprehensive approach sets the stage for their flourishing not only in school but also in the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.

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Understanding the World

Our curriculum offers children vast opportunities to explore and comprehend the diverse richness of the world around them. An annual plan of visitors brings a wealth of life experiences, expertise, and faiths to the children in our schools, whilst carefully planned community walks ensure awareness of the wider community. Our fantastic, onsite facilities give access to a safe, outdoor space and plenty of opportunities to explore and understand the wonders of the natural world. Our curriculum is carefully and deliberately designed to explore the diversity of people, places, and communities.

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Art and Design is dedicated to fostering children's creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Our curriculum offers dedicated time and opportunities for children to delve into a rich array of media and materials, allowing them to not only explore but also play with artistic expressions. Providing them with diverse materials and a broad skill set, our children become confident and proficient to select resources independently to create with a purpose of their choosing. By the time they leave our settings, children possess the ability to confidently and creatively express themselves through various mediums. Whether through art, music, dance, or drama, children are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings, establishing a foundation for a lifelong journey of creative exploration.

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