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Key Areas of Learning

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Communication and Language

A rich spoken vocabulary enhances every other area of our children’s development. We train staff to scaffold back and forth interactions. They introduce ambitious new words, which we share with parents to practise at home. By connecting speech to story, song and play, we teach children to enjoy the spoken word.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


We give children the interpersonal skills to lead happy and healthy lives.

Each of our children builds a strong, warm relationship with a key adult, allowing them to explore with confidence, and build resilience. Staff help children understand emotions through conversation, story and modelling, and teach them to self regulate and resolve conflict independently.

Physical Development

Physical activity improves every aspect of a child’s development and wellbeing.

Our curriculum develops fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, core strength, agility and coordination. These skills help children go on to do more complex activities like writing, personal and self care.

We make sure every child enjoys physical activity, so they keep it up throughout their education, and lead long, healthy lives.

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Specific Areas of Learning


We give children lots of ways to explore mark making and give meaning to their marks. We provide children and parents with the books, stories, songs, and guidance to foster a lifelong love of reading.


Our schools give children a strong grounding in numeracy. They’re encouraged to sort, classify, subitise and spot patterns. Alongside number songs and rhymes, they learn to count tactile materials, giving them the mathematical foundation they need to flourish in school and beyond.

Understanding the World

Our curriculum helps children explore and make sense of the world around them. People with different life experiences, expertise and faiths visit our schools, and children make trips into the wider community. We design materials, resources and books to help children go into the next phase of education celebrating difference.

Expressive Arts and Design

We teach children to use a range of artistic tools, and empower them to use their imagination and follow their own plans. We give them materials to create narratives, build worlds, and act roleplays. They leave our settings able to express themselves confidently and creatively in many different ways.

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