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Our Schools

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Federated in 2022, our three schools are shining examples of why our approach to early years works. Each setting is a community of mutual respect and care in which children, practitioners, leadership, staff and families work and grow together.

Our nurseries all have high aspirations for children, and share a sense of purpose in giving them the best start possible. Most importantly, each setting does this in an atmosphere of kindness, joy and fun.

Nestled at the heart of Hemel Hempstead town centre, Heath Lane has high ambitions for all children aged 3 - 5 years. Uplifting indoor and outdoor spaces give them exciting new experiences, teaching them challenging skills, and ignite their curiosity.

Tucked away in South Watford, a few minutes from leafy Oxhey Park, Oxhey Nursery School emphasises play, creativity and nature, teaching 2 - 5 years olds future proof skills and supporting their wellbeing.

A peaceful red-brick building in St Albans centre, with a verdant ‘secret garden’, Muriel Green uses play based learning to build critical skills and foster lifelong curiosity in children 3 months - 5 years.

What Ofsted Says...

Muriel Green.jpg

Muriel Green Nursery School

"Children were observed responding promptly to questions, with staff skilfully using exciting materials, pictures and sounds to stimulate their interest. Children were encouraged to shape letters and improve their writing, following staff’s expert modelling. Some children were beginning to write full sentences."

Heath Lane.jpg

Heath Lane Nursery School

"Heath Lane Nursery School provides a warm and nurturing environment for children from the age of three. Children are happy and settled in their classes. They form positive relationships with adults, underpinned by good care and support."

Oxhey Nursery School

"Children are given lots of interesting and exciting things to do. School is a fun place where children develop an early love for learning. Children enjoy learning new things with their teachers as well as finding things out for themselves. They love spending time outside in the school’s large garden, which is full of fascinating things to play with and explore."

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