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Your Challenges - These are some of the problems you might be facing that we can help you solve:

“Rapid improvements required. Where do we start?”

“We’re struggling to provide quality education on our budget.”

“Our school is in special measures.”

“Our staff don’t have the skills to support children with SEND.”

“We don’t know how to adapt to changing legislation.”

Putting Children at the Heart of Budgets With Our Consultancy, Everyone in Your Setting Thrives

With energy and commitment, we work with head teachers, daycare managers, governors and staff to overhaul your resourcing and get your finances on track. We show you how to get your curriculum, SEND provision and safeguarding exceeding statutory requirements. And we teach you to make child-centred decisions, so your setting is a safe, secure and nurturing place for children to learn.

Your challenges & our solutions 


Children get an engaging, fun, skills-based education which gives them the foundation they need to flourish in school and beyond.

Children with SEND

SEND children get their specific needs met and are seamlessly integrated into learning environments. They feel connected to their peers and supported by their teachers.


Parents are reassured and happy with your education, safeguarding and nutritional policies. They feel safe in the knowledge that their child is well equipped for the future.



Leaders have clarity around the direction they need to take to best serve children and families. They can effectively manage budgets, and feel confident meeting statutory requirements.

Core Package - Early Years Consultancy
With our Early Years Consultancy, we get to the heart of your challenges and find solutions in three simple steps.

Evaluate Your Setting

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We meet with your team, observe your teaching and audit your resourcing.

Create an Action Plan


Then, we share a report and an action plan that will help you save money, train staff and create an ambitious curriculum.

Implement the plan 

With on site support, our team supports you to action the plan. This could be through delivering training or continued consultancy. We invite you to an on site visit to Heath Lane, Muriel Green or Oxhey so you can see our pedagogy in action.

SEND package 


We give recommendations and training so that all your staff know how to spot and support special needs and learning disabilities with limited funding.

In particular, we train your staff to:

  • Embed opportunities for development within your daily routine

  • Create special learning resources, and teach children to use them

  • Give some top tips of smart recording to support application

  • Make adjustments so SEND children can learn alongside their peers

  • Utilise a visual reference system

Governors Package 

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We give recommendations and training so that all your governors know how to challenge, understand and support the headteacher in running a successful school. We meet the needs of governing boards, individual governors, trustees and members, in the light of national legislation and guidance with a direct focus on Early Years.

In particular, we train your governor to:

  • Understand Early Years Funding and streams within it

  • Question the curriculum with reference to Early Years Statutory Framework

  • Ensure the EYPP strategy is pertinent and valid

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