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Our Services

Our Services 

We work with all early years settings struggling with finances, education or leadership. Delivered by a team of passionate experts, our consultation and training gets your finances back on track and dramatically improves your education. We ensure your setting meets statutory requirements, your staff are well qualified, and your children become happy, safe and confident citizens of the world.

Find out more about training, consultancy and joining our federation below.

We help your leadership:

  • Consolidate resources and financially thrive

  • Introduce an ambitious curriculum

  • Train practitioners to become exceptional educators

We teach your practitioners to:

  • Build strong maths and reading skills in children

  • Create joyful, stimulating learning environments, on a budget

  • Work with parents to reinforce critical skills at home

By joining the Roots Federation, you will:

  • Consolidate your resources and financially thrive

  • Adopt our pioneering leadership, vision and values

  • Share our ambitious curriculum and expert staff

  • Retain your identity and adapt our structures to your community

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