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Our Services

Putting children at the heart of budgets with our consultancy, everyone in your setting thrives

With energy and commitment, we will work with headteachers, daycare managers, governors and staff to:

  • review your business needs to offer solutions that will get your finances back on track.

  • review your curriculum offer to ensure that all children, including those with SEND provision, are offered ambition and excellence in day to day provision.

  • Review compliance with the EYFS statutory requirements.

Our aim is to provide support to ensure your school/setting make child-centred decisions, so your setting is a safe, ambitious and nurturing place for children to thrive.

Your challenges & our solutions  


Children get an engaging, fun, skills-based education which gives them the foundation they need to flourish in school and beyond.

Children with SEND

Children with SEND benefit from expert adults with the skills and strategies to meet their needs through an integrated approach. The children feel connected to their peers and supported by staff.


Parents receive pertinent information and are collaborators in planning their child’s education. They feel safe in the knowledge that their child is receiving the best care preparing them well for the future.


Leaders have clarity around the direction they need to take to best serve children and families. They can effectively manage budgets, and are able to invest in training for their team to develop expertise that will improve outcomes for all children.

We help your leadership:

  • Consolidate resources and financially thrive

  • Introduce an ambitious curriculum

  • Train practitioners to become exceptional educators

We teach your practitioners to:

  • Build strong maths and reading skills in children

  • Create joyful, stimulating learning environments, on a budget

  • Work with parents to reinforce critical skills at home

By joining the Roots Federation, you will:

  • Consolidate your resources and financially thrive

  • Adopt our pioneering leadership, vision and values

  • Share our ambitious curriculum and expert staff

  • Retain your identity and adapt our structures to your community

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