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The quality of your leadership is critical to your success as an early years setting. We’re here to help you get it right.

With our support, your leaders will make clear, decisive, informed decisions in the best interest of children. You’ll improve your education, staff morale and parental trust. And you’ll do it all within budget.


To discuss how our leadership consultation can transform your setting, contact us today.

Your Challenges 

Here are some of the challenges you might be facing that we can help you solve:


  1. Short or long term absence of leadership

  2. New leadership in need of a mentor

  3. External review of education quality and compliance

  4. Governors who need guidance on how to challenge leadership

Depending on your needs, we can work alongside your current headteacher, leadership team and governing body. We also offer secondments to cover short and long term absence.

As part of our leadership consultation, we may work with you on the following:

1. Introduce a collaborative vision for a new team

2. Review learning environments and education quality

3. Audit resources

4. Review and streamline systems

5. Ensure your staff team meet your business needs

6. Make sure you comply with statutory requirements

Hertfordshire Nursery School - Case Study

The chair of a governing body contacted Roots after they found out that the school's headteacher would be absent for two weeks. An Ofsted inspection was due, and they needed support for the inexperienced senior leadership team on site.

What we did...

What We Did:

  1. Met with the Chair of Governors to work out what they needed, and develop an action plan.

  2. Met with senior leaders, and developed materials they needed to feel confident leading the school through an inspection without a head.

  3. Reviewed curriculum events, so senior leaders could develop and review risk assessments, and talk through how they organised and deployed staff.

  4. Attended a governors meeting, so we could give the governors clear evidence that the team was ready for inspection.

  5. Conducted a safeguarding walk, to ensure compliance and mitigate any health and safety concerns.

  6. Met with the admin team, and created a plan to help them complete necessary actions in time for key business decisions.

Our Impact:

Through the collaboration between governors, senior leaders, and Roots, everyone felt confident in the face of inspection. This has since been recognised by the Local Authority as a school that has developed their provision and staff confidence after receiving our support. During the two weeks the headteacher was absent, the school ran smoothly, and staff trusted the leadership team on site.

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